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1st part available here: in which the elderly Sceldwulf is telling his disapproving kinsfolk about how he once met two gods, when they were being hunted out of England by the new faith.

Chapter 1, Part Two – in which Sceldwulf fulfils an old oath.

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I will have to post this on a Thursday.  Slightly embarrassing though it is, here is an excerpt of the first ever novel I actually finished.  I hit on the cunning plan of telling lots of short stories – because I knew I could finish a short story – and then linking them together to create one larger tale.  It helped that I set this in the oral culture of early Anglo-Saxon England, where it would (I thought) be quite in character for people to stop whatever they were doing at intervals in order to tell each other illustrative stories.

Nowadays I suspect this is not a great way of maintaining narrative flow, but hey, I was 18 and had never written a novel or read a ‘how to write’ book.  Possibly it shows.


Chapter One.

The Tale and the Teller

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It’s been a long dry spell since Shining in the Sun came out.  In fact I’ve been writing more than ever before, but as it’s all been going into Under the Hill, I haven’t had anything to show for it yet.

However, I can now proudly announce that I’ve just signed a contract with Carina Press for my new Age of Sail story – the novella formerly known as Forced, aka The Pirate Novella Without a Title.

It does have a proper, permanent title now, and will henceforth be known as By Honor Betrayed, which is not only a much better title, but actually reflects the theme.

Carina being extremely efficient, I’ve already got a release date, which is 7th November 2011.  That gives me a nice run up to try and get a few more things finished and submitted this year, so that in future I don’t have quite the barren wasteland between new releases as I have had in 2010/11.

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Charlie Cochrane, as well as being an amazingly prolific and talented author is also a whiz at thinking up ideas for places to promote.  Recently she suggested that as we were both members of the RNA (the Romantic Novelists’ Association – the UK equivalent of the RWA) we should write a piece about gay historical romance for their in house magazine.

Since we joined the RNA, neither of us have noticed any difference between the way they treat gay romance and the way they treat straight, and here again they have proved their quality (or should I say their equality) by printing the feature.  You can see a scan of the shortened article here:

(Click to enlarge.)  Or the full, unedited text is up on the Macaronis here: Writing Breeches Rippers

Massive thanks to Charlie for being the brains of the outfit, and to the RNA for their inclusiveness :)

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Treat yourself and help Japan

First of all, I was going to post about the wonderful birthday present I got from Mirien, which I absolutely love.  I’ve put it on a black thong to wear it because that seems to go better with the feeling of wearing something out of antiquity.  I tried to take a photo of it, but failed to get one that was good enough to show it off properly.  You can see what it looks like at her post here. Or, since I borrowed her photo, here:

So, as I say, I was going to post about that, but then Mirien decided to make some charms for sale in aid of the Japan relief effort, and I thought it would be better to post about that instead.  She has made some lovely sakura-blossom shaped silver charms stamped with a leaf pattern, suitable for wearing as a pendant or a bracelet or phone charm, or as earrings if you get two.  They’re available for £14, which is not much for a handmade piece of jewellery from an up and coming designer.  Of that, £4 is the price of the silver, and £10 will go to Japan.  So you can buy yourself (or someone else) something nice while also doing a good deed.  Win/win :)


I am interviewed on Sharita Lira’s blog

It’s been a long time since I did an interview, and I thoroughly enjoyed doing this one, as Sharita’s questions were very interesting and up to the minute:

You can find that here

Thanks Sharita!


UK Meet – 23rd July

Advance notice of the UK Meet – a con for writers and fans of GLBT Fiction, whether that’s M/M romance, F/F romance or any other genre featuring GLBTQ characters.  That’s being held on the 23rd of July in Milton Keynes.  You can find details of the venue and booking information on the UK Meet website.  If you know anyone who you think would want to come, do pass the info on.  Thanks!

When I say “con”, mind you, what I mean is “it’s a meeting with a few talks, and you can stay for dinner afterwards if you like.”  We’re not promising anything huge and highly polished, so much as a chance to come and meet some of the UK authors and hang out :)

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I started this diary of the tattoo healing process because I assumed there would be something to report.  I’d googled it a bit and I was aware of horror stories such as waking up the first morning after with the tattoo stuck to the sheets and pulling out half the ink trying to get it off.  I thought there would be something of interest to report every day.

However, one of the things I did notice on Googling was that there were large amounts of people telling tattoo newbies to take the clingfilm off at once, OMG! So perhaps it’s of some use that I can provide an alternative opinion.

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Really nothing to report at all.  The inflammation has gone altogether, it’s still slightly dampish at the very thickest parts of the ends of the cross, but dry everywhere else.  No scabbing, no itching, no nothing.  Thankfully the micropore tape does not give me the allergic reaction the zinc-oxide tape did, so I’m on course for keeping the clingfilm on for the full four days.  But tomorrow will be the fourth day, and surely it should have started scabbing/itching if it was going to?

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(Or maybe the first full one?  I’m not sure.)  Anyway, this is what I was worried about last time I posted:

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Today I went for my first ever tattoo.  It was a big deal for me, made bigger by the fact that I’m the sort of person who worries about every single thing that could go wrong as if all of them could happen at once.  But it was also a big deal because I’d wanted one for so long and had begun to think I’d die before I ever got my nerve up.

So, I hit my interim target on the diet and used that as an excuse to book myself in at the studio I’d had recommended.  I chose a design of a small black cross, thinking I would test out my reaction on something small and work my way up.  Very appropriately, I got the appointment on Ash Wednesday, which felt right – to be marked with a painful black cross on a day of penance.

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I appear to have completely failed to tell anyone about this guest blog that I did on Julia Knight’s blog.

How to stay sane with social media

so I thought I would link it now.  I do, in fact, try to keep up with Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Livejournal and my list of blogs I read in Google Reader, but the post is the fruits of the fact that I started out keeping up with them more and ended up being too depressed and hassled to write.

And on a completely different subject, what is probably the coolest thing ever (if you’re me).  False Colors is being taught by Eric Selinger as part of the upper-division (advanced undergraduate) course on popular romance fiction at DePaul university.  I was terribly curious to know what kind of things the students would be asked about it, and thrilled when Eric posted about that very thing on the Teach Me Tonight blog.

The “is penetrative sex considered by women to be the apex of sex?” question is of course something that’s been discussed in slash-writing communities for some time.  It’s therefore something I actually thought about when writing the book.  But I am surprised to find that the violence in the book is a talking point.  I suppose there is a lot of it, but I hadn’t really thought of it as a notable feature before.

I just can’t say how much I’m thrilled to think False Colors can stand up to being  subjected to sustained intellectual study.   (At least, I hope it can.  I don’t know what the students actually think of it!)



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